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From: Ann Byrne
Sent: 12 June 2021 13:57
Subject: Re: windows 10 help with jaws


Try pressing enter.

At 07:43 AM 6/12/2021, you wrote:

>If your computer is a laptop and it has a

>touchscreen simply swipe your finger over the

>screen. This will wake up the laptop and you can

>then use your tab key to find the place to

>either enter your pin or your password.

>>On Jun 11, 2021, at 9:07 PM, Jerry hathaway

>><jerry.hathaway2@...> wrote:



>>On my new computer which I am slowly changing,

>>I have the latest Jaws, I am having a issue

>>windows 10. When I leave the computer for a

>>short time the computer goes to a screen which

>>has buttons on it such as screen lock,

>>Internet, power, ease of access, and a few

>>other buttons. When I come to this screen I

>>usually have to go to the power button and

>>restart the computer. How can I fix so I do not

>>have to deal with this computer screen problem. Any help will be appreciated.










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