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A link isn't good enough.
I think it is not too much to ask for someone to send more information.
When on a petition page especially.  There is always a description of the petition, or the entire thing can be copied and easily pasted into a message.
I often do this with articles, instead of just the link, to make reading easier for folks.
It's just laziness on someone's part to not paste the information into a message.

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Actually Sieghard, he did provide a link.  It is a petition to make all films, TV, etc., with audio description.

Not to be a killjoy, but this has been being asked for over many, many years.





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Since you didn't provide any links it would be nice to give a bit more information as to what this petition is all about. I know you say "Audio Description" in the subject, but this is pretty vague.


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hi. on the blind tech guys google group and some one put up this petition. I just signed and spreading the word.




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