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Richard Turner

If the El Braille is going to be viable as a braille note taker, it should have native support on the Focus for brf files in the book reader, which means you have to put the brf on the SD card.
I don't have one; so cannot advise further.

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On 6/12/21, Chris Hill <> wrote:
Well, for most intents, your unit is just a pc with a braille display attached. ...
Thanks, Chris.

Someone on the ElBraille list told me recently that because ElBraille is a Windows PC in notetaker form, DAISY format with the FS Reader app is the only way to go.

I would have no problem downloading as a BRF--except that I am unaware of what program I could use on the ElBraille to read BRF. I did this easily back when I was using a BrailleNote or, previously, a PAC Mate.
Would I need to install something like OpenBook or Kurzweil 1000 on the ElBraille to read BRFs?

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