moderated Re: Trouble Opening & Reading A Big DAISY File

Chris Hill

Well, for most intents, your unit is just a pc with a braille display attached.  Only reasons I can think of that it might not work is that the archive was damaged when you downloaded it, or fs-reader is damaged.  I'd download the thing again, and then figure out how to reinstall fs-reader if that doesn't work.  All else fails, get the book in another format such as .brf or word.


On 6/12/2021 09:20, Kane Brolin wrote:

During the past few days, I have tried a number of times to open and
read a particular Bookshare archive in DAISY format on my ElBraille
4th Generation using FS Reader 3.0. This is how I was told it would
work best to read electronic books in Braille on that particular
device. This has always worked well, except for the book in question:
"Napoleon" by Andrew Roberts.

Whenever I attempt to open this DAISY archive on the ElBraille, my
unit freezes. This has not happened with any other DAISY archives,
and the only difference I can see is that this one contains 69 files
instead of the 10 to 20 files that I ordinarily find in a Bookshare
DAISY archive. The data package weighs in at a little more than 10 MB
after I've decompressed.

Of course, I checked the integrity of my download and tested the same
file on FS Reader 3.0 using my more conventional Windows 10 PC: a Dell
Precision notebook. It worked perfectly.

Is this DAISY archive simply too big for ElBraille to process?

I realize I am casting a wide net here by sending to three different
lists at the same time, but I'm not sure who is best positioned to

Thanks for any clues you may provide. I hope one of them will cause
me to solve this.

Kind regards,

On 6/

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