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JM Casey

Try just going into vivaldi and doing the update from there. I don't use
Vivaldi at the moment but there is a "check for updates" option within the
help menu.

How do you like Vivaldi? On paper it sounds like an amazing browser and it
is sure very customisable. Since screen-readers read everything including
the vivaldi menus and buttons as though ti's all aprt of the same webpage,
it's a little bit of a turnoff out of the box. Though it's certainly usable.

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Sent: June 10, 2021 02:32 PM
Subject: Vivaldi update question

Hi all,
I recently downloaded Vevaldi and I keep getting notifications about an
update, but when I try and go to do the update the notification disappears,
can anyone tell me how to get to the update so I can install it? Using
latest Jaws and Windows 10. Thanks Madison

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