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Udo Egner-Walter

Good morning, Jeff Lukacsena,

First of all, sorry for providing the same links as mentioned in the other mail. I wrote my mail without knowing about this answer. 

Since JAWS scripting isn't a wide spread scripting language there are not so much resources out there. Here are a few of them: 

A introduction in JAWS scripting from Freedom Scientific:

Here's the same resource as above but as self-extracting file:

Most important in scripting is the FSDN. This is windows help file in CHM with all of the functions available in JAWS. There are some common standards and introductions to special themes included as well.

If you dive deeper into scripting there's also a list of properties and methods regarding UIA. UIA is the accessibility feature most used this days, especially in modern windows apps from Microsoft Store but not alone for this kind of apps.

If you want to exchange and ask questions about scripting there's a mailing list at FreeLists. You can find solutions of typical problems in the archive and of corse ask questions to the list members:

If you want to script web sites, for example to execute buttons, bring something to focus or similar things, then you might interested in the domain-specific scripting, also a part of JAWS scripting language. You can find an introduction here:

Some personal thoughts: 

Freedom Scientific made a lot of applications accessible with scripts. All of this files are include with source code. To my opinion it's a good thing to study them as well and see how Freedom solved problems. 

At first glance it could be deterrent effect, look all this code stuff especially if scripting in general is new to you. And the focus of the introductions and maybe other resources I forget to mentions is on using JAWS Cursor and the so-called OSM (= Off Screen Model). But this approach is disappearing more and more. The new apps from Microsoft Store as well as some often used programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel are using UIA and therefore not usable with OSM (= JAWS Cursor). This can be very frustrating because you want to practice OSM scripting and this things don't work with UIA. 

On the other hand you need some kind of introduction and there's not beginner tutorial based on UIA. 

I don't want to scare you off but I think it could be helpful to know about this things to avoid frustration. 

I think best way is to stay in exchange with the mailing list mentioned above and ask. Perhaps there are more tips and answers available there and the members are always willing to help. 

Good luck and happy scripting 

Am 08.06.2021 um 17:56 schrieb Jeff Lukacsena <jlukacsena@...>:

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew a place to find out how to learn how to do scripting for Jaws?


Jeff Lukacsena


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