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John Covici

I think its defunct, have not heard from that list in years.

On Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:01:02 -0400,Glenn / Lenny wrote:

Yes, It is not on, I did that and changed all those at
once from the web page already.
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I don't know. But perhaps, if the group is on, you
could go online and just change your email address. Instead of
constantly subscribing to groups. If you need help doing this,
please let me know. And I will be glad to walk you through the
On Jun 8, 2021, at 2:35 PM, Glenn / Lenny <> wrote:

I'm working on resubscribing to all the lists I'm on, because
my ISP is discontinuing eMail service to its customers.
Does anyone know if anyone is managing Blind-L?
I sent a subscribe to the list, but nothing has come back.

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