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Mike and Clarence,


Terminology confuses me here. There’s the Windows F5 key for reloading a page and the JAWS insert-escape to “repaint” a page, as Vispero calls it. If I’m not mistaken, “refresh” in the quick JAWS settings determines how often, if at all, a page will refresh. I have this setting at never, or the equivalent, to avoid situations where webpages keep being updated.


Clarence, if you’re encountering the situation I do all the time, I can say only that I routinely press JAWS key-escape when I open a new webpage. After that, it stays the way I want.


But I could be wrong. Maybe try Mike’s suggestion and see if it does the job. If not, you might use that setting to prevent pages from refreshing and combine it with Vispero’s repaint. An extra step is annoying, but after a while it becomes an unthinking habit.


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Hi Clarence,


While in Edge press, Insert + V, to open Jaws quick settings and do a search for, page refresh, and you should get 2 results.  Press the spacebar to toggle through the settings and stop on the setting you want.  Now tab to, Okay, and press enter to save / close.


And, while in Edge press, Insert + 6, on the number row and do a search for, page refresh, use the spacebar to toggle through your options, then apply and your okay you're way out to save / close.



Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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I have noticed that I often have to refresh pages when in JAWS. Is there a fix for this. Is there a setting that has to be fixed in JAWS or Edge?I have noticed that I often have to refresh pages in Edge. Has anybody noticed this? If so, is there a JAWS fix for this?

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