JAWS blocke Windows Media Player so I not can hear protected WMA-files

Anders Boholdt-Petersen

Hi everyone

On one of my computers running Windows 7 64-bit, I experience that JAWS
blocke sound from Windows Media Player, so I not can hear protected

If I first unloading JAWS, open the protected WMA-file via Windows Explorer
and after that start JAWS again, Windows Media Player fine will play the
protected WMA-files.

If I first has opened the protected file, I fine can stop and start the
playing - but if I unload Windows Media Player, I again first must unload
JAWS before I can open a new protected WMA-file.

Has any person heard about this problem before, and have a solution I can

I have tested with JAWS 12 and 13.

If you have other questions, please let me know.

Very thanks, and have a continued Easter.


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