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Richard and all, I am using the latest version of JAWS 2020, and cannot upgrade to 2021 yet. I've also tried NVDA and Narrator and still have no access. however, I red the discussion and possible fix/work around at the following thread:

1. Start Firefox.
2. Enter the address about:config in the address bar.
3. Accept the warning.
4. In the search box, enter the word skeleton
5. In the table below, browser.startup.preXulSkeletonUI should appear and it will have a value of true. Press the Toggle button to set it to false.
6. Restart Firefox.

this works, as I now can use JAWS, NVDA or Narrator with Firefox as if there wasn't any problem.

I don't know exactly what the feature does, but it was mentioned that it might have been left on true unintentionally before releasing FF 89.0.

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Subject: Firefox not working
Date: Friday, June 4, 2021, 3:58 PM
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Do you have Jaws 2021 to try it with?

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Soronel, pleas do follow up on which extension/plugin might be the culprit. I'd be interested as I rather stick with Firefox and am in the same situation as you are with using Firefox 89.0 with JAWS.

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Subject: Firefox not working
Date: Friday, June 4, 2021, 12:36 PM
Okay, I should say I just tried restarting FF with extensions disabled and it now works. Guess I need to go through my extensions and try disabling them one at a time.

On 6/4/21, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:
I just tried Firefox 89.0 with Jaws 2021 and had no problems after declining to make it my default and to save a theme or some such thing.
Try rebooting.
Jaws 2020 seems to be a bit sluggish when I tested with it, but since I primarily use Jaws 2021, I did not go much beyond just confirming that it works but just takes longer to load.

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Subject: Firefox not working

List members,

I got a Firefox update yesterday and now there is simply no accessibility, even the menus can not be read reliably. I examined the UIA tree with an accessibility test tool and the nodes needed by jaws simply are not present.
I'm using chrome to submit this but I really don't care for it, much prefer FF.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Soronel Haetir


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