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Jim Pursley

I'm able to use FF but when I load it I need to back out and reenter, then sometimes hit F6 and the tab.

I can always get it working after the initial inconvenience. I like to have a non-Chrome browser handy so have stuck with FF.

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There are a loto f commentaries about this on other lists.
I cancelled the update for now and am still running v88.0.1.
Just curious -- do you have a firefox profile?
It seems that if you disable automatic loading of profiles, things work ok, or at least I read that from someone. But most people who have experienced this do not mention a profile, so I'm not sure of this, really.

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Subject: Firefox not working

List members,

I got a Firefox update yesterday and now there is simply no accessibility, even the menus can not be read reliably. I examined the UIA tree with an accessibility test tool and the nodes needed by jaws simply are not present. I'm using chrome to submit this but I really don't care for it, much prefer FF.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Soronel Haetir

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