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Jasmine Kotsay

There’s also Quinton sees playroom, which is a web-based set of games kind of like RS, and it also has a client like RS does. They are pretty awesome, although the interface is a bit intense.

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Hello Mark.


What sort of games are you looking into?

Obviously as JAWS is a text screen-reader you will not have much luck with graphical games (though I understand you can use OCR for some things)…I have heard f a few modern games with some accessibility-related features, but I don’t know much about that and, actually I suspect they are not really JAWS-related/won’t work with your screen-reader and are actually audio feedback from the games themselves.

Of course you can always try text adventures, card games, word games, etc.

There is rs-games, a site where there are several card and-board-game type things you can play with others. I haven’t used it in a while, but if you can get a party together to play with, it can be fairly cool.

I personally am a fan of interactive fiction type games which can be found on websites and downlaoded from placesl ike the Interactive Fiction archive (you need interpreter programmes for most of these).

I haven’t played any in years, but there are also Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), which are set up online and accessed through various clients (or even just a telnet terminal. They are multi-player and they work a lot like dungeons and dragons, if you are familiar with that, except all the dice-rolling and such happens behind the scenes.



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does any have experience of using JAWS with computer games, preferably multiplayer games

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