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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

I just launch Firefox for the first time after their update to 89.0.
There were a couple of dialogs I had to get through about making it my default browser; which I chose not at this time, and something about a theme, which I also said not now.

Then, with Jaws 2021, web pages loaded quickly and normally.
I unloaded 2021 and loaded Jaws 2020 and found the browser less responsive.
It took much longer before a web site was ready but then I could navigate the same as always.
Sometimes, I have to tab at least once before a web page behaves correctly for some reason.

I usually use Edge.

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Web site:

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Subject: browsing with Firefox 89

on occasion, I will use Firefox to browse a website, and recently it was upgraded to version 89.0. now I find that after starting FF and browsing to a website using JAWS 2020,I am not able to navigate any website even though it's home page is open.

has anyone experience this, and any fixes for this problem? and please don't tell me to use another browser.

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