moderated Re: JAWS not speaking 'tab' when the tab key is pressed

Bill White

Hi, Ann.

To cause JAWS to speak the TAB character when TAB is pressed,

1. Open the Settings Center with the keystroke, Jaws key + 6, on the number
2. Press, control, shift + D, to open default all applications.
3. In the search box, type "key labels"
4. Arrow down to Manage Key Labels, and press SPACE.
5. Press the letter T, and it will take you to Tab Tab mute.
6. Now tab 1 time an you'll hear, toggle mute button, so press the spacebar
to hear, Tab Tab speak.
7. Tab to OK, and press the spacebar.
8. Tab again to Okay, and press ENTER to save and close.

Bill White

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Subject: JAWS not speaking 'tab' when the tab key is pressed

My student says that JAWS no longer speaks the word "tab" when she
presses the tab key. I believe I read that this is a JAWS
option. Reviewing the "what's new in this update" section of the FS
site, I do not find mention of this feature. if it is in fact a
feature, can someone please tell me how to disable it?

Much thanks,


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