moderated Re: when a jaws user dies

Gerald Levy

Good luck trying to  get a refund from FS.  Once you pay for an SMA or annual license, the sale is final.  FS does not automatically renew an annual license.  When it expires, JAWS will simply revert to 40 minute demo mode unless it is renewed by the user.


On 6/2/2021 2:37 PM, Stan Holdeman wrote:

Listers: A fellow jaws user and friend recently died. His widow wondered if she would get any money back from Jaws. I said I would ask around.


  1. Would an unused SMA be eligible fore refund?
  2. I don’t think he was on a subscription, but if he was, would any unused portion of annual subscription be eligible for refund?
  3. If a subscriber, is renewal automatic or does renewal require positive action by the subscriber? In other words does she need to stop the subscription or be automatically renewed?

Thanks for your help.



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