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Brian Zolo

Good morning, folks, Brian Zolo here in Gahanna, Ohio feel free to call me BZ, grin!  My wife Kathy and I have dell inspiron 5202’s and we’ve disabled the soundmax from startup and use the Realtek audio though theyre’s a new dell update for Realtek which I’ll need sighted assistance to install as it first uninstalls the old Realtek driver and then reboots to install the new Realtek driver.  Which soundblaster sound card do you recommend?  Do you go with a usb soundblaster card?  Thanks so much for your assistance, have a great day!  BZ!


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I have a different Dell model but the onboard sound card required sighted help everytime there was a Dell update.  A Sound Blaster card solved the problem.





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hi this is paul. i have a dell inspiron just like your friend. i would suggest using an sound blaster sound card as the max audio pro software is not accessible with jaws 2020 or 2021. i tried getting generic drivers from realtek and no matter what i did the max audio software would be reinstalled. you cant disable that software. i also believe that your friend should update the drivers for the machine. also update the smart byte software that comes with the machine. that software is known to cause issues with screen readers.


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There could be a number of issues and the only way is that your friend give much more information.

I'd also be willing to take a look via tandam if the person is able to allow for a tandam session and lives in the United States. I would need a phone number and best time to contact the individual. If you or the person wants my help contact me privately off list and I can make arrangements to tandam.

My email is:

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Subject: JAWS sluggish on Dell Inspiron desktop machine

I have a friend who uses JAWS2020 on a Dell inspiron desktop. They report that JAWS is running sluggish on the machine. The computer has
16 gigs of ram and they just purchased it in September of 2020 issue has been going on since that time.
I saw a message about this topic and someone suggested disabling Waymax audio from the start up tab which I suggested to my friend but they would prefer not to disable this since my understanding of this causes the headphone jack not to work and I believe that they have speakers that are connected to the tower.
Are there any other solutions to this issue? I was going to suggest that they get an external sound card but I don't know that that would alleviate the issue as I don't foresee there being any load from JAWS on the machine.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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