Moderated Re: JAWS sluggish on Dell Inspiron desktop machine

Phillip Gross

A couple of things. I started the thread that got around to talking about MaxxAudio. The issue there wasn’t that Jaws got sluggish. The issue was that I would end up using all of my ram after a few hours.

You do have a couple of options if you want to shut down MaxxAudio. As discussed in the thread you can disable it at startup. This will cause the 3.5 jack not to be recognized. You can get around this by using Bluetooth.

Another option is to remove the realtec driver and use the Windows High Definition Audio driver instead. On a laptop, if you’re ever going to use the internal speakers, this sucks. They become very tinny sounding. However, if you’re primarily using headphones or external speakers on a desktop, this should work fine.

But, again, JFW being sluggish wasn’t the problem I was having. I’m not going to say it’s not MaxxAudio because it does cause different problems for different people. It could also be the number of programs running on startup. Has your friend done virus and Malware scans on their computer?

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