moderated JAWS sluggish on Dell Inspiron desktop machine


I have a friend who uses JAWS2020 on a Dell inspiron desktop. They
report that JAWS is running sluggish on the machine. The computer has
16 gigs of ram and they just purchased it in September of 2020 issue
has been going on since that time.
I saw a message about this topic and someone suggested disabling
Waymax audio from the start up tab which I suggested to my friend but
they would prefer not to disable this since my understanding of this
causes the headphone jack not to work and I believe that they have
speakers that are connected to the tower.
Are there any other solutions to this issue? I was going to suggest
that they get an external sound card but I don't know that that would
alleviate the issue as I don't foresee there being any load from JAWS
on the machine.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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