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aaron lane

Thanks Udo. I have noticed what you mean. Sometimes it will work, and then the very next time it won't. I've even checked the drop location, and it will still be correct. Other times the drop location has moved a bit in the APP.

I finally found the correct JAWS key combinations to accomplish the task, and it seems to be working consistently. So hopefully it will continue to work. Thanks for the info.

On 6/1/2021 1:33 PM, Udo Egner-Walter via wrote:
Hi Aaron,

beside your decision to update JAWS here are two things about Drag & Drop and scripting.

To my opinion Drag & Drop is sometimes hard to handle especially by using scripting. Sometimes it's necessary to drag the object right onto another object, sometimes you need to drag the object slightly before or slightly after an object. Sometimes it's possible to release the mouse and the object gets dropped and sometimes you need to press enter key to end the drop. So to find out what to do with drag & drop you need sometimes sighted help who described exactly where the cursor should be placed. In writing a JAWS script to do this work for you sometimes you need to add some extra pixels before or after or press enter key to finish the drop down.

Speaking of scripting in different JAWS versions: I'm using JAWS a long time and did a lot of scripting and I've never discovered problems in using my old scripts in new versions. All the old scripting key words still exists in newer JAWS versions and to verify this you can look up the JAWS functions you are using in your scripts in FSDN.chm, the help file from FS with all available JAWS functions (except UIA stuff).

All the best

Am 31.05.2021 um 23:12 schrieb aaron lane <>:

Hello. I'm using JAWS17 in Windows10, in a game that is created using HTML & JavaScript, and the game doesn't run in a browser, but it is a Chrome legacy window. When I place my Jaws cursor on an item, then lock the left mouse button with, Jaws Key + slash, I am not able to navigate to the point in which I need to drop the item. I've tried switching to the PC cursor, but still nothing. I can move with, shift + Alt, then arrow to the spot, but when I then unlock the left mouse button, the item was not moved. I have also written a Script that locks the left mouse button, and jumps to the coordinates that I need, then I unlock the button myself. This script works but not very often. Any help would be appreciated.

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