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Justin Williams

Is c cleaner okay?


I've used it.


I don't know how good it is, but is it there.


I have macafee just on set and forget.




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Subject: Re: virus prgrams


If you don't mind paying, try look at sophos.

The program is not accessible but you usually configure them on their web interface. Once you do  it once, you can let it do its job.


You can multiple devices with one subsiptions too.

Thomas N. Chan



On Tue, 1 Jun 2021 at 08:04, Dan Longmore <danlongmore44@...> wrote:


  There are good, free, ones.  Windows Defender, built in, works just fine for many people.  I use web root and while not the most accessible in terms of interface I can use it with workarounds.

Have found it reliable and warned me before I hit a phishing site.



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Subject: virus prgrams


Hello I am sure this has been covered before but what is the best virus program that works with jaws if it is not free that is ok if I have to use mouse keys to read the screen that is ok.

Looking for a good firewall  and spywear  and hacking pertection.


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