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Justin Williams

Isn't there a better program for pdfs?


Something we discussed on here not to long ago?





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No need to highlight anything, if you open a document in Adobe Acrobat Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by O and then D recognizes the entire document regardless whether it is 1 page or 100 pages.

Also all the recent versions of Jaws recognize if a PDF is accessible or not and if it is not, i.e. it is an image, Jaws will tell you and ask if you want to perform OCR, by default focus is on Yes.


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When you use Acrobat Reader Pc to open PDF documents, you may sometimes get the message, "empty document".  This means that the text is contained within an inmage that Acrobat Reader PC cannot convert into speech.  But you can use the JAWS Convenient OCR feature to read this document.  Highlight the "empty document" and press the JAWS layered keystroke, Insert-Space bar.  You will hear a clicking sound to indicate that the layered keystroke has been invoked.  Then press O, followed by D to read the document using standard JAWS reading commands. 





On 5/29/2021 10:35 AM, G. Gray wrote:

Hello All-

Hoping someone can help with this.  I have the latest version of JAWS 2021 and am using Windows 7.  I can open other PDF files on my problem.  I downloaded a PDF book this morning and JAWS says "empty page."  I had my wife look at the document. It is 537 pages and she can read it fine.

I have tried changing it to a text dice.  Everything I have tried has failed...any suggestions?  Thanks!

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