moderated Re: Blog post on the harmful impact of exclusively Audible audio books, please read and consider

Randy Barnett <blindmansbluff09@...>

I am not sure how accessibility is an issue here. the service is totally accessible. So I guess the implication is that not being able to afford the Audible price is an accessibility issue? If so why isn't the exorbitant cost of AT gear an accessibility issue? I get the impression the company issueing the article is not able to compete and is playing the AT card...

On 5/28/2021 3:42 AM, Phillip Gross wrote:
Not sure where this deals with JAWS directly, but it caught my attention, soI’ll respond. 

First off they didn’t do themselves any favors by playing the capitalism bad angle. They lost half of their audience right there. Instead of doing that, why not try and point out the advantages of a wide distribution model. At the same time, you can explain how it would help with accessibility.

I am married to an author. They act like that 15-20 percent extra that Audible offers you is chunk change, and I guess it kind of is but not in the way they imply. The majority of authors do it out of love. They write after work and on weekends. It’s not their full-time job because it doesn’t pay enough to live on. They apparently like to eat as well. On top of that, an author who publishes with one of the big four, I think it’s still four, only get’s about 15-20 percent of the purchase price of the book anyway.

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