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Richard Turner

Try using Jaws Convenient OCR since it clearly is an image file of the text.
I assume Jaws OCR can run on Windows 7, but you'll have to try it to find out.
What I would do is point to the file in File Explorer/Windows Explorer, bring up the context menu with Shift+f10 and select
Convenient OCR With Jaws.
See what happens.
You should end up in a text view of the document and you can copy it to a word processor and save it.

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Hello All-

Hoping someone can help with this.  I have the latest version of JAWS
2021 and am using Windows 7.  I can open other PDF files on my problem.  I downloaded a PDF book this morning and JAWS says "empty page."  I had my wife look at the document. It is 537 pages and she can read it fine.

I have tried changing it to a text dice.  Everything I have tried has failed...any suggestions?  Thanks!

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