moderated Outlook contacts issue/question

Madison Martin

Hi all,
I was looking at stuff on my old laptop today and noticed that I have a few
Outlook contacts on my old computer that aren't in my contacts on this laptop.
So I'm wondering, is there any way to get specific contacts from my contacts on
my old computer to my list on this computer? I know how to do a Outlook backup
and import it (though I've never done it from one computer to another), but most
of the contacts are the same on both computers so I don't really want to do that
because then I'd have duplicates and I don't want that. I don't even know why
these particular contacts don't show up in my contacts on this computer, a
backup was imported, so I don't know if I accidentally deleted them or what
happened. My old computer is running Outlook 2013, Windows 7 and the latest
vertion of Jaws and this computer is running the latest versions of Office 365,
Jaws and Windows 10. Really hope there's a way to do this as I'd really like to
have these missing contacts on this computer as I rarely use my old one. Look
forward to any suggestions anyone might have. Thanks

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