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Rahul Bajaj

Brian, thank you. The warning, as I understand it, is only as regards the original format not being preserved. That is not a problem for me. I just can’t afford any text getting lost. And hence am wondering if any text does indeed get lost when this is done. 


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Hi Brian/all,

The big issue with pefs which make it seductive to have them converted to word, is at least for me, the fact that in many cases but unfortunately not all, footnotes are rendered accessible at the right point. With a real pdf a blind person cannot access them, unless I am missing something, while a sighted reader can see them at the bottom of the page. If a blind person keeps reading and comes to them, and there are a handful of them at the end of a page, then they become irrelevant, as they can not be accessed on their appropriate spot.

                                                                Only a reason, albeit very important in my case for this conversion,




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Word itself warns you that there can be issues converting from PDF to Word for PDF documents not generated by Word itself.

While I understand the convenience, if 100% accuracy with regard to original content must be preserved, then use a PDF reader only to read PDFs when that's the case.

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