moderated Re: I’m grasping at straws, but has anyone had memory problems with jaws?

Chris Hill

That sounds like quite a problem.  I'd start by completely reinstalling windows, and only using windows' built-in drivers to see if something Dell put on the computer was causing the problem.  Either that or I'd just get ahold of their tech support and give them the opportunity to figure it out or take the computer back.  A brand new machine shouldn't be so much trouble, and other people make computers.


On 5/28/2021 08:55, Phillip Gross wrote:
I have done my scans, but as I said it's a new computer. I first noticed it doing this less than a week after I got it. I didn't notice it before then because I was constantly restarting it while making sure everything was up to date and installing the soft ware I normally use on it. 

I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue, but I asked about JAWS to cover my bases. When this happens and I look at what is using memory I most of it isn't accounted for. 

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