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Dave: it really depends on what you plan to do with your sound card. If all you want is to hear JAWS and your music, then a simple USB solo card with a single microphone and headphone socket will suffice. The Rode AI-1 is an affordable yet professional solution.

If you want a more professional setup there are multiple choices. However, you'd need to beware of those interfaces which boast touch controls instead of old-fashioned knobs, buttons, switches and slide controls. If you have a good audio reseller where you get to talk with actual experts, they would be a good start.




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Subject: Suggestions for a replacement USB sound card


Hello there:


My Creative Labs Sound Blaster Figo mini USB sound card, gave up the ghost and stopped working a few days ago. I am therefore, looking for suggestions, as to a replacement. I know many of you on this list use USB sound cards. I do not want to have a sound card, which has built-in microphones, I have one which does, and since I purchased it, I have not been able to find a way to disable them or, turn them off. It is a Creative Labs USB sound card. I am sorry, I cannot remember the model number. On this particular sound card, the output to an external amplifyer, is through 2 RCA/Phono sockets. All the other connections, are 3.5 jack sockets.


Thanks in anticipation.


Dave Durber


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