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John ESherrer

Hi Folks
Thank you for all your help.
I wanted to find out which key had focus hoping that the Change button you
would have focus.
Control E is the correct key, but the message I get is that JAWS cannot
determine which key has focus in this dialog box.
So I can tab to the appropriate button or use Alt C for change. This take
two hands to do his and is not efficient, but faster than tabbing through
all the buttons.

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If you want to activate the Change Button, press Alt c. This way, it
doesn't matter which button has focus. There are Alt-Key combinations for
the other buttons in the dialog as well. JAWS should speak them as you Tab
to them. If not, you will need to make a change in JAWS that controls what
keys are spoken.
Gary King
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Hi Folks
Is their a JAWS Keystroke that will tell you which Button has focus?
I have looked at the JAWS Help and found nothing.
I have JAWS 13 with W7 running 64 bit.
I am using Word 2007 with the spell check dialog, and I want to know
if the Change button has focus, now I just tab to the dhange button or
another button. I have a large document to spell check, actually I am
grammer checking, since I have a tendency to add extra spaces.

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