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JM Casey

Hallo madison.
Are you using the regular facebook site?

The search function there might be superior, but I don't know.
If you use mbasic, I'm dubious about success -- you could try searching for
relevant text in the search box and see if anything coems up. It might.
Facebook really isn't as good as the old (well, some of them are still
around) message boards/forums as far as locating threads and messages goes.
It's a serious downgrade...

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Subject: Facebook question

Hi all,
Does anyone know if there's any way to search for a specific reply/comment
to something that I posted back at the end of October 2020? I posted this to
a few different groups and I don't remember which one this comment/reply was
posted too, nor do I remember the responder's name. I know I could go
through old posts, but there's been a lot of posts on these groups since so
it'd take me forever, so it'd be really grate if I could just search for the
specific thing that I'm looking for. Using latest Jaws, Windows 10 and
firefox. Thanks Madison

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