Moderated Unable to create a shortcut key for Bard Express.

Albert Cutolo

Good morning everyone, 


I’m trying to create a shortcut key for the bard express application, that I want too put on my desktop.  However, when I go into the properties of that application, and do an alt enter to get into the properties and tab to the apply, and then to the okay button and hit the spacebar, I receive the following message that says that I need too have administrative rights to complete this process. It seems that this happens, no matter what program or application that I’m either trying to create a shortcut key for, or even if I’m trying too maximize its window. This was suggested in the MP3 training files, that Mr. Clark taught us for this process.  My question is, Since windows 10 has come about, has this process changed?  Or  or is the windows up arrow, the new method.  

   training manuals  

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