moderated Re: Jaws2020 and 2021 Tandem problem need to resolved it

Chris Hill

Use speech history to find out exactly what the error is.  At a guess, I'd start by power-cycling your router, it won't hurt anything and routers can get weird if they're run too long without a restart.


On 5/24/2021 16:30, O.Addison Gethers wrote:

Hi All

I’m having problem  with doing jaws tandem  with FS technical support  and blind friend this morning and afternoon  from desktop computer  windows10  !! When FS technical  support  give me tandem ID  then I press enter  it say the ID  something  ok button  and the same with a blind riend too . So I turns on laptop  computer to see if I can check to see if laptop will do tandem on desktop   and see if desktop will connect tandem from laptop  so I did not get any luck at all  from desktop  keep saying ID  that I enter  so it saying OK button  when I press spacebar  it took me in Jaws windows !! I did ask FS Technical  support  if I need to repairs jaws2010 and 2021  to reinstall it the man didn’t answer me and hang up !! How do I repairs and reinstalled it to get tandem working again?


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