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Decided to do a little experimenting directly in PowerPoint (2013, in this case, but should still apply).

When I have a picture object selected, the arrow keys will move it in precisely the directions you'd expect.

The easiest way I can find that doesn't require either vision or the mouse to resize a picture is via the Size and Position dialog you can get to by bringing up the context menu when a picture object is selected.  You can either hunt for it or hit Z once the context menu is up.

You may even find using the position option in the Size and Position function preferable to the arrow keys.

In the size function, everything's expressed in units relative to the page size units you're using.  The same is true in the position dialog, and the figures are relative either to the top left corner of the picture or the center of the picture.  You can easily get into negative measurements showing up if "from the center" is being used even while the picture is still fully within the viewable area.  You do not get this (generally) with "from the top left corner" unless you've positioned the picture such that its top and/or left edge gets moved outside the viewable area.   However, it's possible to push either the bottom or right edge out of the viewable area without any clear signal that's happened if you're not aware of the picture size.

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