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Hello Rahul
Sometimes JAWS will try to put in the tags when they are present, even if those tags are incorrectly placed as is so often the case. Just go to edit, accessibility, change reading order if you aren't satisfied with how JAWS has placed the tags. Of course, there are properly tagged PDFs but they are very rare.

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Hi All,

I have not set a default reading order in Acrobat Reader for PDFs.
However, I tend to choose 'infer reading order from document' on most occasions. Sometimes, I choose 'use reading order in raw print stream', for those PDFs which have watermarks or are otherwise shabbily made.

Today, I was reading a book, and it chose 'tagged reading order' as the default reading order. The same PDF which was not being read by JAWS when 'infer reading order' was chosen' was read when 'tagged reading order' was chosen. Why is this so? Just curious.


Rahul Bajaj
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