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I'm with Bill White in that I have to believe that Details view has somehow been turned off for that folder.  I use Details view everywhere except my Photos library.

If you want all folders of the same type (General) to be displayed with Details view, after having ensured that the one you're in is currently in Details View per Bill's instructions, do the following:

1. Hit ALT+V,Y,O     View Tab/Ribbon, Options Control, Folder Options option
2. Navigate to the View Tab in the Folder Options Dialog that appears.  SHIFT+TAB, Right Arrow
3. Find the Apply to Folders button and activate it or hit CTRL+L
4. A dialog appears asking if you want all folders of the same type to have the same view as the folder you're in.  You will, of course, activate the Yes button.
5. You're back in the Folder Options dialog and can just activate the OK button to close it out.

I find this technique much easier than doing a piecemeal folder-by-folder approach over time.  I use it when setting up a brand new machine so that all my folders of the general type will all display with Details view.

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