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Barbara Sheinbein

AIRA is a special help service for those with a cell phone.  Alive agent is there using your camera and can see what you point the rear camera at.  The agent will then answer your visual questions like what color something is or read package directions etc.  You can also have them connect with your computer via Team Viewer and they can assist with reading things your screen reader is not reading.  There is a lot more, but I hope you get the idea.  They have a limited amount of free help, most is done with a subscription.  The benefit to them is that the agents are paid trained workers and there is some level of comfort with respect to your privacy.  Be My Eyes is also good, but these are volunteers and I would not allow these folks to connect to my computer.  I use them for things that privacy is not an issue like finding something I dropped and cannot find for example.  This latter service is free.


Check them both out and if interested they are both a good service for the visually impaired.  Smile.






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Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2021 5:37 AM
Subject: Re: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment


What on earth is AIRA?  How can it be recommended; if no one knows for what the initials stand.


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From: Barbara Sheinbein
Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2021 10:20 PM
Subject: Re: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment


I would recommend AIRA for anybody.  There are different plans and a discount for ACB members.  I do not know if there is a discount for NFB members.  Smile.  Keep in mind, you can stop the monthly fees at any time.  Things are very flexible.  I pay $20 monthly for 30 minutes each month.  This usually works fine.  I keep AIRA mostly for the computer and the cell phone apps and use Be My Eyes for noncomputer related tasks.  Just one idea how you can approach things.  Keep in mind that there are free zones with AIRA which means your time is free or there may be a set amount of free minutes.  An example of a free zone is in person Walgreens.  I do not need to get store help, just AIRA.  I also got 30 free minutes for Covid 19 related web sites.  In many months, I have a lot of free minutes in addition to the paid.  So maybe you try it out for a few months and if you find it worth paying for, then you will know.  Smile.


Good luck.








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Subject: Re: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment


Thanks. Actually, I decided to go in and tell them the site was not accessible for me. The funny thing is that I explained that it might not work for me in the very beginning, and they said they would email the paperwork to me. I was okay with that because I thought I would just ask my daughter when she came to visit on Thursday or my friend who lives next door to help me fill it out. Well, the email the office sent was the same link that I had received via text. Although I restrained myself, I wanted to ask, “What about ‘I can’t access your forms’ don’t you understand?” 💭  


I keep wanting to look into AIRA, and maybe it would be good for quick things. Just so I don’t have to pay a fortune.


Thanks again.


Shirley Tracy


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Subject: Re: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment



Do you have a smart phone? Sometimes I find that a website that won’t work with JAWS will work well enough when on a phone. The opposite can be true, too.  As also noted, if you have a phone you can download the AIRA app  or Bee My Eyes and get visual help.  I do this a lot when dealing with challenging websites.  I prefer AIRA for these tasks, since I feel better with their training and the tools they have to enlanrge the image from my phone camera. Yes, you can download Team Viewer to let the AIRA assistant actually connect to your PC and do the clidks for you, but I find that just holding the phone up for them to see and letting them guide my mouse pointer is faster for a quick task like  you are describing.  You can have 5 minutes of free help from AIRA every few hours, which would likely be enough in this case.  There is also a way to get free help via a JAWS promotion with AIRA, but the Call AIRA for Free button is so quick that I use that first.


Finally, this is a case where I would just waltz into the doctors office and tell them I was unable to use their site because it was not accessible for blind people.  Done that plenty of times in various places.



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Subject: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment


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Hi all,


I’m seeing a new doctor, and the office insists I check in before my appointment. I have tried answering all the questions in the check-in page, but when I got to the question for me to verify my street address, I don’t see how to select the correct one—as there is no instruction. I tried simply selecting the same as I would something I wanted to copy, but it doesn’t seem to work. And when I click the button to confirm, I get the message that I have not selected my address. Help!


What do I do?


And yes, I know I’m not good with technology—but at least I’m trying—and I did try to find written information.


Thanks for your help.



Shirley Tracy

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