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On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 08:33 AM, Chris Hill wrote:
Currently, Clipboard history supports text, HTML, and images less than 4 MB in size.
Which is pretty much what clipboard outside of File Explorer has always supported.

Cutting and pasting files between folders using File Explorer has always used a "purpose dedicated" clipboard mechanism, not the general clipboard.  And Clipboard History applies to the general clipboard.

You've always had to multi-select whatever group of files you want, and have all of them selected, before copying/cutting them to the File Explorer clipboard for pasting elsewhere.  You couldn't, and still can't, move from folder to folder, adding additional files to those already on the clipboard, for pasting in another folder (or if you can I have never seen it done, so enlighten me if someone has).

You can, within some limit I've never come close to reaching, do a select all in a file containing quite a bit of text and copy or cut it all to clipboard.  But you have to have the file open in the program that handles it, and the copy or cut happens in there, not in File Explorer to the file itself.

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