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Dan Longmore

Yeti makes a nice USB microphone. Also has headphone jack so you can hear audio. Or you can leave audio through speakers and just use the mic. However, in this setup mic will pick up the speakers.
I use the computer speakers and the Yeti mic and when I need to I plug headphones into the headphone jack on bottom of mic.
Logitech also makes nice USB mic / headsets.

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Subject: USB condenser mic and JAWS2021

I am considering a USB microphone for use in Zoom meetings in lieu of a headset with microphone and I was wondering if JAWS speech would come in on the microphone if I were to use this set up? The JAWS speech coming through is something that I would like to alleviate.
This was occurring with the laptop and built-in microphone.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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