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Chris Hill

Yet another way that using a mail program is better than the web.  I use my gmail in Thunderbird all the time.

On 5/22/2021 05:33, soner wrote:
Hello, unlike on IE, the cursor's long lasting issue of losing its
previous location on Gmail has still been continuing for years, and
nobody cares it seems.
To reproduce the issue, in Gmail basic settings layout on Chrome,
navigate down below some among your mails, click one, then once the
message is opened, click back to inbox, normally, the expected
behavior should be the cursor positioning exactly on the last mail
check box of what you opened, but on Chrome it is not. It moves you
all the way up to the first mail, and honestly to jump on top of
messages in each return to inbox is a great tedium.

Kind regards

On 5/21/21, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:
It works fine here

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The email thread keyboard commands don't work for me. I'm assuming it's
because I've customised all my email groups into threads via View Settings
rather than the standard thread button. Is it working for othrs?


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Seems like a fairly significant update.
Hopefully the email thread thing gets more attention.

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Subject: May Update for, JAWS2021, Build 2105.53, Download Link + What's

Hi All,

Below is the direct download link for the May J2021 build, 2105.53, update +
what's new in this release.

32 & 64 Bit Download Link:

What's New:

Enhancements in JAWS 2021.2105.53 (May 2021)

The following is a list of improvements made between the April 2021 release
and the May 2021 update.

Easier Navigation Through Email Threads in Outlook

It is quite common, particularly in a work or school environment, for email
messages to include several people, resulting in lengthy message threads as
participants reply and add to the conversation. When opening an email that
contains a thread of messages, including replies or forwards, it can be
consuming to read through the thread with JAWS or Fusion using the ARROW
keys to locate particular responses as you need to move through all of the
information for each message.

To make this easier, you can now use the N or SHIFT+N Navigation Quick Keys
to quickly move to and place focus at the beginning of the next or previous
message in an open email thread, skipping over all of the header
information. As you navigate with these commands, JAWS and Fusion reads who
the message
is from, the date it was sent, and the first line. If you determine this is
not the message in the thread you were looking for, continue using N or
until you reach the message you want. While reading a particular message in
the thread, pressing ALT+1 or ALT+2 now announces the sender or date of
message at your current location. To review sender and date info for the
entire email, press CTRL+HOME to move back to the top before pressing ALT+1

For users of the Focus braille display, you can set a NAV rocker to move
through messages in an open email thread. While focused in an email, press
NAV Mode button above the NAV rocker you want to set to cycle through the
available navigation modes until "Message" is selected. If you are using an
Focus display that includes Wiz Wheels, press down on the wheel to select
the mode. If focus moves away from the message, the navigation mode
back to Line.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available while reading an email and
not when editing a message. Additionally, while currently limited to
containing replies and forwards from Outlook, we will continue to improve
this feature over time to support emails from other sources like Gmail and

Voice Assistant Improvements

In the initial 2021 release, we introduced Voice Assistant, a new way to
interact with JAWS in Windows 10. Voice Assistant offers a convenient option
quickly performing various JAWS commands using natural speech instead of
memorizing specific keystrokes. Since its introduction, we have received
requests from customers wanting to be able to access more JAWS features by
voice in order to increase productivity.

Some JAWS features you can now access by using voice commands include:

list of 16 items
* Selecting Text, especially blocks of text, has never been easier. Just
locate the spot where you wish to begin selecting and say "Hey Sharky, Start
Then navigate to the location where selection should end and say "Hey
Sharky, Finish Selection." You did it! At that point, all text between the
two locations
will be highlighted. You can confirm using the SHIFT+INSERT+DOWN ARROW
Command to verify you got it all. This works on Web Pages, in Documents, and
in Emails.
* Working with the JAWS speech history without remembering any keystrokes is
now even easier. Try any of the following:
list of 3 items nesting level 1
* "Hey Sharky, Show Speech History"
* "Hey Sharky, Copy Speech History to Clipboard"
* "Hey Sharky, Clear Speech History"
list end nesting level 1
* Working with Technical Support just got easier. Have you ever been asked
to get the version information for your software or operating system? Try
list of 2 items nesting level 1
* "Hey Sharky, Virtualize Version Info"
* "Hey Sharky, Copy Version Info to Clipboard"
list end nesting level 1
* You can now ask JAWS to help virtualize a control or window, or even copy
them directly to the Clipboard. For example, go to the JAWS About dialog
and try the following:
list of 4 items nesting level 1
* "Hey Sharky, Virtualize Window"
* "Hey Sharky, Copy Window"
* "Hey Sharky, Virtualize Control"
* "Hey Sharky, Copy Control"
list end nesting level 1
* When navigating Word documents and Outlook messages, you can use Voice
Assistant to work with various elements like headings, tables, and graphics.
the following:
list of 3 items nesting level 1
* "Hey Sharky, List Headings"
* "Hey Sharky, Next Table"
* "Hey Sharky, Next Graphic"
list end nesting level 1
* When editing a Word document or Outlook message, you can use Voice
Assistant to move to Spelling or Grammatical errors. For Example, try:
list of 2 items nesting level 1
* "Hey Sharky, Next Spelling Error"
* "Hey Sharky, Next Grammatical Error"
list end nesting level 1
* While reading a message in Outlook containing several replies or forwards,
you can now say "Hey Sharky, Next Message" or "Previous Message." You will
skip the headings and get right to the various replies within that email.
* When focused on math content in Word that you wish to navigate, you can
now say "Hey Sharky, Math Viewer." This opens the JAWS Math Viewer where
can explore the current equation.
* To edit a math equation using the new Braille Math Editor, move to the
equation and say "Hey Sharky, Math Editor."
* Toggle the Braille or Text Viewers on or off by saying "Hey Sharky,
Braille Viewer" or "Text Viewer."
* Start or stop a JAWS Tandem session by saying "Hey Sharky, Tandem."
* Open the Select a Voice Profile dialog box by saying "Hey Sharky, Voice
* To access something in the System Tray, try saying "Hey Sharky, System
* Speak the most recent Windows notification by saying "Hey Sharky,
* If you have a laptop and want to know the charge level of its battery,
just say "Hey Sharky, Battery."
* On a web page, open the Custom Label dialog box for labeling an element by
saying "Hey Sharky, Custom Label."
list end

Braille Math Editor

JAWS and Fusion currently supports reading Math equations on web pages that
are displayed using MathML, or math equations in Microsoft Word documents
using the native Word math format. You can navigate the individual elements
of an equation using the Math Viewer, accessed by pressing ENTER from a web
page or INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by EQUALS from a Word document when focused
on the equation. If JAWS braille translation is set to Unified English
or United States English Grade 1 or Grade 2 output, math expressions are
also shown on a braille display using Nemeth Braille format.

The new Braille Math Editor in JAWS now enables braille users in Windows 10
to input their own equations, and in Office 365, edit existing equations in
Word documents. To open the Math Editor, press the layered command
INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by SHIFT+EQUALS (plus sign). Focus braille display
users can
also press DOTS 3-4-6-7 CHORD.

When the Math Editor opens, focus is placed into an edit field where you can
immediately begin typing the equation in Nemeth braille from your braille
display's keyboard. As you type, a preview pane below the edit field
visually displays the equation so a sighted teacher or parent can review it.
you are finished inputting the math equation, press ENTER or choose the
Accept button to close the Math Editor. If you are in Word, the equation you
is automatically inserted into the document at your current location. The
equation is also copied to the Clipboard so you can paste it in other

Opening the Math Editor while focused on a math equation in a Word document
displays the existing equation in Nemeth Braille, allowing you to edit or
it. After making any changes and pressing ENTER to close the editor, the
current equation in the document is replaced by the new or modified

Note: After inserting or modifying an equation in Word from the Math Editor,
the blinking cursor (dots 7 and 8) on the braille display always remains at
the beginning of the math content, even as you move by character with the
LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys. If you need to insert another line of math
first press the END key to move to the end of the current math content and
then press ENTER.

While the Math Editor is opened, you have the following additional options:

list of 3 items
* Press CTRL+N to start a new equation.
* Press CTRL+P to preview the current equation in the Math Viewer. When
finished, press ESC to return to the Math Editor.
* Press ALT+E to open the edit menu where you can copy your Nemeth Braille
to the Clipboard using a specific format. MathML is the default format when
copying, however, depending on the application where you intend to paste the
equation, you can also choose to copy your Nemeth Braille to LaTeX or
ASCII. After choosing a format to copy to, paste the equation into the
specific application before pressing ENTER or selecting Accept to close the
Editor as this always copies as MathML and will erase the current clipboard
list end

To learn more about Nemeth Braille, check out this
Nemeth Tutorial
which teaches this braille code beginning with the very basics up through
advanced mathematics.

Other Changes
list of 12 items
* Resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the download status of
files in Edge Chromium.
* Addressed an issue where the text of a link in a GMail message was not
being read if it spanned multiple lines.
* When selecting a link or button on a web page that opens a modal dialog
such as a calendar, resolved an issue where JAWS was reading the entire
of the dialog all at once as soon as it gained focus.
* JAWS now indicates when you move in and out of text in Google Docs that is
marked as a suggestion.
* Expanded the description in Commands Search for setting a temporary
PlaceMarker (CTRL+WINDOWS+K) to describe how this keystroke is used as part
of selecting
* Added the Copy Speech History to Clipboard keystroke (INSERT+SPACEBAR,
CTRL+H) to Commands Search.
* Updated the description in Commands Search for the Read Address Bar
keystroke (INSERT+A) so it can be found by searching for either "URL" or
* If the Navigation Quick Key Manager is launched from an Outlook message,
the Navigation Quick Key N for moving through messages in a thread, is now
so you can reassign it if necessary. The Navigation Quick Key Manager is
located in the Run JAWS Manager dialog box (INSERT+F2).
* Resolved an issue where Navigation Quick Keys in Outlook messages would
sometimes unexpectedly stop working until you moved focus away then back to
* When selecting text in Outlook messages for copying and pasting, addressed
an issue where selection was not always working as expected, causing the
text to be selected. This occurred most often in messages containing lists.
* Updated the INSERT+H help for Excel to list all of the latest JAWS hot
* Added a new dictionary rule for "FYI" so JAWS no longer says the more
verbose "for your information" when encountering this acronym.
list end

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