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John Covici

Once you plug in the mic, if it has a headphone jack, all sounds will
come through that jack. So, now you have to change your sound output
device back to what you want.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

On Sat, 22 May 2021 01:18:33 -0400,
Richard Turner wrote:

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If jaws is playing through your speakers, and the microphone is picking up the speakers, Jaws will come through the microphone.
I have not heard of any way to avoid Jaws being heard in a Zoom meeting unless you are wearing headphones.

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On May 21, 2021, at 8:51 PM, Shai <> wrote:

I am considering a USB microphone for use in Zoom meetings in lieu of
a headset with microphone and I was wondering if JAWS speech would
come in on the microphone if I were to use this set up? The JAWS
speech coming through is something that I would like to alleviate.
This was occurring with the laptop and built-in microphone.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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