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Bill White

Hi, Jerry. From the archives:


Open the application in question.


Press jaws key + the number six on the numbers row to launch jaws  settings center.


you will open in add new configuration manager.

A default name will be automatically entered in the application name.

Press enter to accept.


You will be in a search edit box.

Type sleep

You will be presented with two results.


Arrow down to

Sleep mode.

Press the space bar to check it

Tab to the ok button and press enter.

Now, whenever you launch the self voicing application, jaws will be automatically put to sleep.


Just remember that, once you have set the application so that JAWS goes to sleep whenever a particular application is launched, it is a little difficult to get JAWS to awake in that application, should you ever need it to do so in the future.



Bill White




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Subject: silenting jaws


Where can I find the setting to silent jaws when I open a program such as a game or other program that has it own voice program for the blind.




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