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Try hitting the Enter key


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Subject: Re: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment

I just want to know if you all know of a way to select a choice when given several to choose from. There are no checks or r buttons. I’ve come upon this before but never needed to use it.


Shirley Tracy

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Subject: Re: trouble checking in for a doctor's appointment

Does the page have contact information? This is particular enough to

the site in question that there is unlikely to be specific help we can

provide, the medical office you are trying to interact with should be

much more able to tell you how to proceed.

On 5/21/21, Shirley Tracy <> wrote:

Hi all,
I’m seeing a new doctor, and the office insists I check in before my
appointment. I have tried answering all the questions in the check-in page,
but when I got to the question for me to verify my street address, I don’t
see how to select the correct one—as there is no instruction. I tried simply
selecting the same as I would something I wanted to copy, but it doesn’t
seem to work. And when I click the button to confirm, I get the message that
I have not selected my address. Help!
What do I do?
And yes, I know I’m not good with technology—but at least I’m trying—and I
did try to find written information.
Thanks for your help.
Shirley Tracy


Soronel Haetir

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