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And as I think it was pointed out in the article, Edge has an IE mode for old websites. In any case, if IE actually goes away for good and somebody who hasn't updated their website to a newer standard they will surely do so fairly quickly if they still want people to use it.

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So the problem I have is exclusively with IE being removed from users pcs. I am, at present, the owner of 28 computers that can run the present copy of windows 10. If one of them gets messed up because of ransomwear or some form of virus Norton hasn't picked up I can chuck it away, open reserve laptop and continue to be fine. For me, it's a case of whether I want to abandon the websites I've been using in IE for ages, kill Microsoft updates, or write my own webbrowser. Right now I'm thinking that stopping Microsoft updates is the best plan.

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so this is for next year, no?
Correct.  All Windows 10 users of the common versions (Home and Pro)
have been given a one-year heads-up about what's coming so they can
transition with grace and not need to panic.


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