moderated Re: IE being removed from Win 10 20H2 and later, effective June 15th 2022


For those who want to ensure access to IE into the foreseeable future, you would be far better off to acquire either an old Windows 7 machine or Windows 8.1 machine for this purpose, if possible.

Windows 7 is already out of support and well past its official end of life date, and IE will never be removed.  Given the nature of the announcement, and that Windows 8.1 is nearing end of life in January 2023, it's improbable that it will end up being removed under that version of Windows, either.  

It's still possible to find refurbished machines out there with Windows 7 on them and 8.1 is somewhat easier to find.  At the moment, though, prices have risen due to demand related to all the stay-at-home from the pandemic.

If you need IE, your best bet is to have a purpose-dedicated machine where it, and its operating system, are encased in amber.  Of course, one would use it only for accessing IE-dependent sites, and pretty much nothing else.

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