moderated Re: IE being removed from Win 10 20H2 and later, effective June 15th 2022

Lori Lynn

I usually keep quiet on these long threads, but I’ve got to toss my 2 cents in.


“cheap throwaway computer”? You may have the money to replace your computer whenever the wind blows, but that’s just totally nuts! If you are crazy enough to turn off all the system updates and not backup your computer then you deserve whatever happens to both you and your machine. Companies like Microsoft have lots of experts who are working hard to make the systems and their components the best they can for all of us.


They have made the decision to eliminate a very old application in I E. They aren’t the first company to make this kind of decision and they won’t be the last. You’ve got two choices. You can either deal with it and use another browser or you can give up computers and go back to the dark ages. Me, I accepted their decision a long time ago and have moved forward. I remember the days of DOS and even before that. I will never go backwards!


Lori Lynn



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