moderated Jaws accessible Windows 10 clipboard alternative?


Hello list,

So it seems like the May 2021 Jaws update broke the Windows clipboard. Broke in the sense that while the clipboard itself still works, Jaws isn’t speaking the various copied entries when arrowing around which is causing me all sorts of fits.

This actually happened a couple of months ago and at that time, I simply rolled back to the prior version of Jaws. Vispero did put out a new update which fixed the problem and that’s what I attempted to do this time, but even after rolling back to the April 2021 Jaws where the clipboard worked before installing the May 2021 update, now it seems that not even the April Jaws update is working right with the clipboard.

So anyway, I don’t have time for Vispero to investigate the issue and hopefully do something to fix this bug. In the meantime, I need to access this particular feature for my work. Is there an alternative Windows 10 clipboard utility that I can use? I tried downloading Ditto, but as it’s an extension to the Windows 10 clipboard itself, no luck there.




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