moderated Re: IE being removed from Win 10 20H2 and later, effective June 15th 2022

James English

There is a website which I use IE for, and I pretty much only use it
for that website. It's not that the other browsers don't work with it,
jaws navigation on it is just a whole lot better when I use it with
IE. I don't need Microsoft to keep patching security flaws in IE, I'm
quite prepared to take the risk. Would just like to be allowed to take
that risk without Microsoft deciding that they know best.

On 5/20/21, Hope Williamson <> wrote:
There are a thousand other RSS readers out there, and Microsoft is
definitely not demonstrating any disregard for accessibility whatsoever,
by ending IE!!! If you really want to stick with desktop readers, and
the 20th century, you could use something like Luna.

On 5/20/2021 7:10 AM, Gerald Levy via wrote:

The big problem I have with Edge is that it does not offer an
accessible RSS feed option or reader extension.  At least the RSS feed
reader built into IE is completely JAWS accessible and is still the
most convenient, and easiest to use feed reader I have found. By
ending support for IE without providing a comparably accessible feed
reader in Edge, MS is demonstrating yet again its disregard for the
special needs of its disabled customers.


On 5/20/2021 9:44 AM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Microsoft wants everyone on their latest and greatest, so they can make
profit with everyone using edge.
So no doubt they will do as much as possible to cripple IE.
I remember when the press reported that someone inside MS released some
windows XP code, leaving it vulnerable to hackers.
I have no doubt that MS leaked that XP code themselves to validate the
ushering in of the next operating system.
Now MS has new ways of making money.

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15th 2022

Great, there is a website I use regularly which is an utter pain to
use with anything but IE. I use it for a shrinking number of sites
now, but I still don't get why Microsoft gives a flying fuck what web
browser I choose to use.

On 5/20/21, Glenn / Lenny<> wrote:
Is that why you are so pleased with yourself?

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15th 2022

Ignorance is bliss . . .

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