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I assume so since whatever number corresponds to the position on the taskbar, e.g. if you have 6 apps pinned there you use numbers 1 through 6.


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How many Apps can be pinned to the task bar?


Do you have to have 9 Apps pinned before you can asign the number zero to an App?


James B


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A much better option is to pin your favourite applications to the taskbar. In Windows 10 the Windows Key + the correspondin number key is the shortcut to load or jump to that application.

If you type Mail and it comes up just press Shiftv + F10 or the application key if you have one and arrow down to "Pin to Taskbar".

Now go to the Taskbar which can be easily done by pressing Windows Key + T, the first app you land on is the one on the very left and wuold be 1.

If you arrow right you can see what else is there, if you get to Mail after pressing right arrow 3 tims that means it is in position 4. Now you can also rearrange the apps on the taskbar as you like them, if you use Jaws pressJaws JKey + Control + NumPad Slash to start dragging the app you are on, arrow left or right to where you want it and press the same key combination again to drop it there.

Let's say you put Edge or Chrome or whichever browser you use in the first position, the Mail in second, Notepad in third and Excel in fourth.

You can now open or go to any of these applications simply by pressing Windows Key + 1 on the number row for your browser, Windows Key + 2 for Mail, Windows Key + 3 for Notepad and Windowss Jkey + 4 for Excel.

This is much better for your 5 or 6 most used apps than puttin gthem on the desktop where every time you want to get to it you have to press Windows Key + D or M to minimize to the desktop, then arrowing to your application or using first letter navigation to get to it and pressing enter to open it.

This way if you are browsing the web and you hear an email come in all you have to do it press Windows Key + 2 and no matter if Mail is already loaded or not it will open. When you are done and you want to go back to your browsing session you can either press Alt + Tab or press Windows Key + 1.


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If when asking a question, one actually took a sentence or two to say what they have done on their own to find the answer, it would help a lot in getting a reasonably good answer and help those of us who try to help know what not to repeat if it has already been tried or searched for.


That to me seems like a damnably reasonable request before anyone tries to help.


Too often questions are thrown out there with no context, so it is easy to think the person has not tried to find anything on their own.


I do not want a big discussion about this, just consider it and those who adopt it, great, and those who don’t, o well.




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