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On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 06:15 PM, James Bentley wrote:

I prefer step by step directions that are written for a blind person.

  After all, what are these list for?

Well, when I'm writing for the screen reader using audience the style is very different.  It's almost entirely keyboard centric, which is to be expected.  And you're right, if anyone is specifically writing for screen reader users that's as it should be.

That all being said, and accepted, I don't think I or anyone else has argued against this.  I certainly haven't.  But what I have argued is that the only reference material that should be comprehensible and usable by a screen reader user is what is specifically written for them.  I will often post links to step-by-step instructions, that I've reviewed, that were not written for screen reader users that I cannot possibly see as being problematic.  And for reasons already hashed out by several other members and myself.

The world at large is not "the blind world" but the sighted one.  And a lot of instructions for a sighted computer user very, very directly "translate" for a screen reader user.  My example of one being "click on."  I don't care if you've ever seen a screen, or ever used a mouse.  If you've been reading computer instructions it should become obvious, even without formal training, that this means "gain focus on and select" because there is always a control or edit box being clicked on, or in, in those instructions.  Does anyone, seriously, want to argue that everyone reading here should not understand what, "Click on the close button," means and does and how to do it with a screen reader?  I truly, truly hope not.  

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