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James Bentley

Brian, please don't take away my step by step directions. I'll jump in
front of a fast moving train. LOL.

And, is OSO an English word. An acronym? Or what?


James B

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At 01:04 PM 5/18/2021, Brian Vogel wrote:
>It is very difficult to get those who don't use screen readers to
>actually separate the concepts of "gain focus on" and "select" and
>"activate" because a single click on something gains you focus on it
>and selects it at a minimum. And in the case of doing so on a link,
>it does all three at one time. You most often get a sense of whether
>activation is involved as an atomic element of that click based on
>what the following instruction states. If it's something like, "Now,
>in the dialog that appears . . .," you can pretty much assume that a
>point and click instruction is an instance where all three actions
>were rolled into one single click.

Very well put. We should also assume that we'll handle selection
using cursoring keys: arrows, tab, shift+tab, etc. So, even if those
keys are never mentioned in instructions, we should try them all
until we actually move where we need to be.

>Another of my "things" is emphasizing that you (any you) must read
>through an instruction set completely before even setting out with the
>first one, and not just in computing. My own partner drives me
>insane because he doesn't do this routinely, and I can't count the
>number of times, when cooking, there's a big oso because an
>ingredient not mentioned in the ingredient list (it happens) isn't in
>the house or he skips something because he never read it through first
>and was in a rush.

Well, a recipe ingredient list should be completely comprehensive,
even if it indicates things such as "salt and pepper to taste" at the end.

>There are too many potential pitfalls in any
>complex instruction set, even those in step-by-step format, for it to
>be a good idea to start and hope you make it through unscathed without
>ever having read them first.

Better still, we need to move away from step-by-step instructions
because steps may vary considerably between user configurations and
*definitely* between Windows editions. just try to navigate to the
Advanced tab under Users and Groups in Windows Home. Not there!
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