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On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 01:08 PM, Don Mauck wrote:
Another thing that gets over looked is that you are dealing with different disabilities besides just low vision. Cognitive issues being a prime example. That takes some understanding in how to write messages or instructions.
As a cognitive rehab therapist in a brain injury services program for six years, and a speech-language pathologist, don't I know it.

But no matter who is writing instructions, or when, they are writing for a presumed target audience.  If another audience happens to "get their hands on" that instruction set, and it's not ideal, that doesn't make the instructions "bad," just not intended for the user who's using them.

But I'm also not willing to go through my cyber life presuming that most that I meet have some sort of hidden disability, even on these groups.  Online, even more than in day to day interaction, no one can be the proverbial mind reader.  And if someone doesn't mention a given situation or circumstance that's relevant, there's no way that a random reader should presume something quite outside that great middle area of the bell curve within a given community.

I'll always assume "basically capable of pretty much anything most people can do" unless clued-in otherwise, with the exception of a stated disability.  I don't assume that someone who's blind can see, but I also assume that they're otherwise like most other folks I know other than in that respect.  And that's because the vast majority of individuals I've known who are blind have been just that. And that comes from working with these folks as my coworkers, clients, and, at one time, my young students.  That, and having one of my dearest friends having been blind since birth (she passed away this past January, but I knew her for years).

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